Canines Benefit From Salmon Oil

Salmon Oil Capsules for Maintenance and Health Problems

Regular foods are often missing the key nutrients dogs need to maintain a healthy body and a glossy coat. While many meats and coldwater fish contain moderate amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids, the highest levels are found in salmon. Adding a salmon supplement daily to their daily regime is an easy way for them to receive a rich source of nutrients in a capsule. Moreover, quite a few companies are now formulating their products for puppies with the fatty acid DHA to encourage healthy brain development.

Studies reflect how beneficial this supplement can be to support and strengthen your canine’s immunity and heart, and aids in preventing arthritis. In addition, it lubricates the skin to combat dryness, itching and a healthy coat. These capsules can provide benefits for any breed. Regular doses for brain function remains keen even in older companions and can reverse inflammatory symptoms that may cause pain and muscle stiffness. Certain breeds are more susceptible to skin allergies than others which can be aggravated even further when scratching occurs. Fish Oil can actually help heal their skin much faster if they suffer from certain conditions. Furthermore, home-prepared diets that include large milligrams of this substance appear to reduce the cancer cells from metastasizing and helps with muscle atrophy associated with some diseases, according to Dr. Oglivie, who is a veterinarian and director of the Angel Care Cancer Center in California.

Should I Give my Dog Salmon Oil Capsules or Fresh Salmon?

Many retailers offer Omega-3 fatty acids in the form of caplets. It is completely acceptable to give your puppy the same products sold for people. The common dosage to feed them is 1000mg per 30 pounds of its weight, but daily recommendations may vary. Some owners prefer to feed their dog a raw diet that includes a fresh serving of salmon regularly. But you don’t always have to feed it to them fresh and whole. Canned versions are an easy alternative that can be mixed in with pet food. For an extra treat you can also get smoked or cooked variations from online and local stores.

The best tip of all is to get helpful advice about the appropriate dosages you should give your pooch with certain health issues and currently on medication with an animal nutritionist or veterinarian. In some instances, an overdose may cause a few side effects, such as the change in the consistency and appearance of stool, weight gain, foul breath, stomach pain, dizziness, and nausea. To counteract weight gain, they can engage in regular exercise, and foul breath can be eliminated by brushing their teeth and taking him to get regular cleanings. Stomach pain, dizziness and nausea can subside by decreasing the dosage. It is advised not to stop giving your dog Omega-3 completely to address side effects if they should arise.

Not all Supplements are Created Equal

Because many lakes, rivers, and oceans are tainted, there is no guarantee that fish oils can be manufactured in the purest form, and thus may contain mercury, lead, PCB, dieldrin and DDT depending on where they’re caught. Alaskan Salmon Oil Capsules have been consistently found to be one of the purest of all ocean fish, and offers an extra thirty-two fatty acid molecules compared to other retail, processed, products.

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