How Much Fish oil Should I Give My Dog

How Much Fish oil Should I Give My Dog

Just as with humans, dogs can greatly benefit from adding the correct dosage of extra vitamins and supplements to their daily diet. It is an effective and natural way to help prevent many health problems a dog may face during their lifetime. Fish oil is a good example of a beneficial supplement, when given in the correct amounts. It can help maintain a dog’s overall health because it is packed with essential Omega oils. What stops many dog owner’s from using it is that they are not sure of the correct dog fish oil dosage.

You can give dogs the same fish oil supplements for dogs that people use. LifeSpan Salmon Oil from is a great fish oil.  The correct dog fish oil dosage, when using a human form, depends on the dog. The average capsule is 1000 to 1500 milligrams. One capsule is sufficient for a dog that weighs 20 pounds or more. Less is used for small dogs, and more may be needed in larger breeds. Check with a vet if there are any doubts to the correct dosage. They may even recommend more if the dog is dealing with allergies. It can be very easy to give a dose of the human fish oil supplement to a dog. If they are the type that takes pills without a struggle, one can simply be tossed into the food. Otherwise you can slit the capsule and squeeze it over their regular dog food.

It is extremely rare, but when giving fish oil to a dog you can get too much of a good thing. Giving an extreme dog fish oil dosage can possibly lead to an over dose. One example is where a dog owner was giving their pet over 4000 milligrams of fish oil per day. They were trying to do a good thing for their dog who suffered from allergies. Not only was the dog fish oil dosage high, they were giving over top of a fish based food. Although fish oil is a very good and beneficial type of fat, too much fat in the dog’s diet can lead to acute pancreatitis. This is where the pancreas becomes inflamed. It can be an extremely serious problem, and it can be fatal. This, of course, is quite an extreme case. Going slightly high on a dosage will not cause harmful effects. The extra is naturally burned off through the dog’s exercise and energy level.

The easiest way to give the correct dog fish oil dosage is to use a commercial fish oil product made specifically for dogs. This can take away any fears the owner may have over correct dosage. Life Span Salmon Oil Plus is a great example of such a product. It is the only one made for dogs that also includes CoQ10. Together with the fish oil, it will help a dog’s circulation, heart, immune system, and overall health. Dosage is made easy and accurate because it comes in a squirt bottle. Each squirt equals 2 ml of fish oil. It comes with a weight chart so you will know exactly how many squirts to put in the dog’s food per day. Small dogs under 15 pounds only need one squirt, while large dogs over 75 pounds can take up to eight. For every 4 ml dosage the dog is getting 958 mg of Omega 3 Fatty Acids and 958 mg of Omega 6 Fatty Acids, along with 295 mg of EPA and 334 mg of DHA.

When using the proper dosage of dog fish oil, your pet will enjoy many wonderful health benefits.

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